Building New York: New York Life Stories

Building New York: New York Life Stories with Michael Stoler debuted on television in March, 2006. The show profiles the life of an individual or corporate leader who has been instrumentally involved in the growth, improvement and success of the community in the New York tri-state region and in certain instances around the continental United States.

The program was created to profile the life and the history of the guest's success to the community and in some instances tracing ones family history back three or four generations. We then travel from youth to the current day reviewing major events in an individual's lifetime and career. Many of my past guests consider the broadcast as a biographic history which can be passed on for the next generations. All past broadcasts are retained in permanent history on the Internet.

Since the inception of the program in March 2006, more than 300 individual lives from the fields of business, real estate, healthcare, philanthropy, Broadway, the Arts, entertainment, theater, education, clergy,  community and civic affairs have been profiled.